Lost My Notes Podcast with Y-BOT

Lost My Notes Podcast with Y-BOT is a unique glimpse into the lives of legendary musicians and behind-the-scenes music industry professionals. Each episode is an informal excursion into what sparked their life-long love of music, favourite records, revelations of their creative process, funny band-life incidents, knowledge and insights gained and anything random in between. 

Filmed and recorded primarily at Kentish Town's excellent Let It Roll Records shop. On the odd occasion we sometimes film at other spots if needed! 

Past guests: 

Chris P. Mowforth, former bassist of Silverfish 

Damian O' Neill, guitarist of the Undertones 

Steve Strange, former drummer of Fastway and head of X-Ray Tours artist booking agency

Primarily known for his work as producer and remixer of bands such as Bis and Future of the Left and as a founding member of alternative live band rapsters Collapsed Lung, Anthony 'Ant' Chapman is a man of many skills within the world of music. Armed with a utility belt of creative talents he can call upon as a professional musician, the Harlow-raised producer/sound engineer/college music teacher/rapper/song-writer/DJ/guitarist/promoter has been making a living from music for 30 years. Join us as we discover his teenage beginnings as a promoter for Harlow's seminal venue for future major forces of rock (such as Blur), The Square, the first song which blew his mind, how he manipulated primitive 80s technology to create samples and strange loops, the semi-accidental origins of Collapsed Lung's fruition, the unsolved mystery of the publishing rights and masters of their biggest hit "Eat My Goal", the lyrical link between the latest album releases from Collapsed Lung and the band he is frontman and chief songwriter for - Arndales, as well as fascinating anecdotes from a uniquely impossible-to-define musician that has worked in hip hop, indie and dance music for over 30 years. 

Despite Collapsed Lung's latest album title "Zero Hours Band", he is as far from retiring in music as he was when he first started putting on bands in The Square as a 16 year old. 


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Stephen Damian O'Neill (born 15 January 1961) is the lead guitarist in the pop-punk band The Undertones. He joined the band following the departure of his older brother, Vincent, in 1976, and remained with the band until their break up in 1983. O'Neill wrote several album tracks and singles during the career of The Undertones, usually writing with bassist Michael Bradley, 

After the Undertones split in 1983, Damian O'Neill formed That Petrol Emotion with his guitarist brother John O'Neill.. 

The Undertones reformed in 1999 and O'Neill continues to perform and record with them. 

Since 2012, Damian O'Neill and three of his former bandmates of That Petro; Emotion, Raymond Gorman, Ciaran McLoughlin and Brendan Kelly are active as London-based The Everlasting Yeah, playing kosmische Krautrock influenced Musik mixed with most individual soundscapes creating sheer amazing atmospheres with powerful guitary, percussionized tunes. Their first LP Anima Rising was released in late 2014. 

In 2001, O'Neill released the experimental electronic album A Quiet Revolution on Alan McGhee's, Poptones label. Furthermore, he as X-Valdez (nom de plume),released a 12-inch "Higher Grace" with arrangements by Xavier Jamaux and Athena Constantine on vocals on Toy's Factory in 2000. 

On November 10, 2014, he released a solo-single "Trapped in a Cage" on Overground Records. The 7" vinyl is limited to 500 copies only, however, it's downloadable as well via iTunes. It's beautifully crafted, strong and raw, yet earwormy songs and O'Neill is the whole band except the drummer. 

O'Neill is left-handed but plays the guitar right-handed.